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1. To manage the affairs of the Branch to the satisfaction of the members and CASC Main Branch by means of an elected committee.

2. To encourageand foster the growth of Charlton Athletic FC and the Branch by recruiting as many members as possible.

3. To bring members together whenever possible for social events and meetings.


1. The Branch shall be managed by a committee duly elected at the Annual General Meeting.

2. The committee shall consist of the following officers:-
                      Secretary/Ticket Co-ordinator
                         Membership Secretary

2.4. Committee Members (inc junior responsibilities)
Further members can be co-opted by the committee as required for specific tasks.

3. The annual General Meeting shall be held in July or August each year, with committee meetings at regular intervals during the year.

4. Members proposing any changes should ensure that these are passed to the secretary in writing at least 2 weeks before the date of the AGM

5. At the AGM the Officers of the Committee will report to the membership on their particular area of responsibility for the past year.